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April 27-29, 2016 • Orlando World Center Marriott • Expo Hall April 28-29


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Ingredient Marketplace 2016

What do consumers want?

Answering that question is the focus of Ingredient Marketplace 2016. Why? Because the surest way to develop products that end up in consumer shopping carts is to analyze what’s on their minds.

To facilitate this information exchange, we’ve created a dynamic marketplace environment and brought together the world’s top ingredient suppliers, formulators and marketers. Their job: To educate, demonstrate and share insights on the emerging consumer demands that are pushing science and finished product innovation.

For the latest ingredients information and formulation strategies in the nutrition, health, food and beauty markets, join us for a meeting of the minds, April 2016, in Orlando, Florida.

Healty Aging
Sports Nutrition
Skin Care
Weight Management

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Dr. Mike Roussell

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Mike Roussell, the Diet Doctor, will be the featured speaker for our sports nutrition keynote on Thursday, April 28, "Exploring the Mind of the Sports Enthusiast." During this, he will be exploring what consumers are seeking in the sports nutrition category and how companies can become more relevant to those users. Read Dr. Mike's full bio.