Improving Nutrient Absorption

by Asa Waldstein -

People are looking for nutritional solutions for their health concerns. The difficult part for health and nutrition professionals is sourcing effective products or ingredients. However, when we find them, we make repeat purchases because we are satisfied. Conversely, consumers who spend money on products they feel don’t work will move on to the next product.

The cost of gaining a customer varies, but it is considerable. A happy, healthy, customer is valuable. So how do we keep our supplement customers happy?

Nutrient absorption is a key element.

If possible, you want to avoid the “expensive urine syndrome." This is where one takes nutrition and essentially excretes it out, rather than having it absorb well or maintain elevated blood levels.

Proven Absorption

Empirical Labs has cracked the code on absorption by developing liposomal supplements. We partnered with a major university on three placebo-controlled clinical trials to validate our technology. A recent trial compared alpha lipoic acid blood levels after 21 days of supplementation. The study was conducted on three groups, 10 subjects each.

ALA Chart

Group One: placebo group

Group Two: 500 mg lipoic acid orally

Group Three: 500 mg lipoic acid in liposomal form

The liposomal group showed blood levels of nearly five times compared to the control group. Alpha lipoic acid is poorly absorbed. The preferred, biologically active “r" form we supply is also quite expensive. However, a nearly five-fold increase is a significant advantage. This is just one example of how properly constructed liposomes are a wonderful delivery vehicle.

Qualisome™ technology (Empirical Labs 100 percent owned proprietary liposomal technology) shows proven delivery of not just lipoic acid, but also with high-dose vitamin C. Other pilot studies have shown increased uptake of coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) and glutathione. These are now blossoming into full studies to substantiate pre-trial observations.

Empirical Labs specializes in creating health-promoting liposomal supplements—including capsules, powders and liquids—that provide effective solutions for a healthy lifestyle. We tend to retain our customers because we stay focused on putting added value into every product we make. Our customers see the results in repeated consumer purchases. We offer stock products, private label and enjoy creating unique custom formulations for our clients.

Asa Waldstein Asa Waldstein

Asa Waldstein certified clinical herbalist (CCH) and the general manager of Empirical Labs. He is an American Herbalist Guild member and honors graduate of The Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies. Waldstein’s herbalism research focused on herbal therapeutics and identifying and ethically wildcrafting medicinal plants—skills now used at Empirical Labs when formulating, ordering and checking in products. He has more than 15 years’ managing experience in the natural products industry and routinely attends continuing education in both natural health protocols and industry/regulatory compliance.

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