French Oak Wood Extract Aids in Vitality, Performance, Detox

by Sébastien Bornet -

For centuries, some of the great civilizations coveted the oak tree for its medicinal benefits. Not only were its astringent effects used to ward off fever and other ailments, but the wood was also used to build barrels to age wines, sherry and spirits.

Robuvit® is a unique and exclusive source of flavonoid species roburins, and bears numerous additional oak flavonoids. Roburins are exclusive to the quercus robur oak genus. Following oral consumption of Robuvit, gut microbiota process roburins to bioactive metabolites, known as urolithins in humans. Urolithins are shown to improve liver health, increasing assembly of bioactive proteins for more energy as well as greater muscle function. Robuvit was discovered to increase ribosome generation, which helps elevate protein and enzyme synthesis capacity.

Horphag Research recently discovered a safe and effective way to produce new Robuvit French oak wood extract. Research on this versatile, caffeine-free ingredient has shown its benefits for improving several health concerns that have grown in popularity throughout the years, including energy, detox and sports performance. These categories are of expanded interest for a wide range of consumers as they look toward natural ingredients to help them be their healthiest selves.


Nearly 25 percent of Americans deal with fatigue on a regular basis—it’s not just feeling tired or excessive yawning—it’s those individuals who still feel exhausted even when their sleep cycle is not an issue. Of that 25 percent, an estimated 1 million people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a fatigue condition that is persistent for months.

Recent research on Robuvit supported its efficacy for managing typical symptoms of fatigue and CFS, such as exhaustion, headaches and loss of memory.


In recent years, the conversation surrounding detox has risen dramatically—especially around the holidays and New Year’s celebrations. Detox is a regular function of the liver, and supporting that function can have great health benefits.

A 2016 study on Robuvit suggested daily supplementation helped to boost the liver’s ability to break down toxins (like alcohol) in the body. In fact, study participants also experienced reduced hangover effects after a night of drinking. The ingredient helps to increase liver enzyme levels required to effectively detox, so the body rids itself of toxins more efficiently.

Sports Performance

The sports nutrition market value is poised to reach nearly $45 billion by the year 2022, in part because of an expanding consumer market. It’s no longer just athletes looking for sports nutrition support, as fitness enthusiasts—and individuals looking to lead a healthier lifestyle—seek easy-access, easy-use products to help them reach their fitness goals.

The metabolite urolithins, developed in humans from ingested Robuvit, renders powerhouse mitochondria more efficient in providing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in abundance, which fuels muscle (and actually the entire body). A published controlled clinical trial demonstrated significantly greater performance in a triathlon after supplementation with Robuvit for two weeks, as compared to a matched control group.      

And a 2015 study showed daily supplementation sped up recovery time between exercise sessions. The ingredient was found to reduce oxidative stress and increase generation of ribosomes to help the muscles repair faster.

More than ever, people are interested in natural ways to promote better health. Horphag Research is focused on showcasing clinical research to educate its customers about Robuvit’s potential benefits in applications to help meet consumer need.

Sébastien Bornet Sébastien Bornet

Sébastien Bornet is vice president of global sales and marketing at Horphag Research. He is in charge of providing support and expertise to customers worldwide, and developing marketing strategy and new business opportunities.

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