• Malkanthi Evans

    Scientific Director, CRS Division
    KGK Synergize

    Mal Evans, D.V.M., M.Sc., Ph.D., is the scientific director/CRS division, KGK Science Inc. She earned her master's and doctorate in physiology from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and received her D.V.M. with distinction in physiology from the University of Sri Lanka. Dr. Evans pioneered research in chronobiology, where her research was the first of its kind in North America to focus on the impact of hormone oscillatory rhythms as messengers on oscillatory systems and their impact on organ systems within the body. As KGK's scientific director, Dr. Evans contributes her expertise to research, design and development of clinical trial protocols, and writing final reports and manuscripts for publication. Her expertise encompasses research in the areas of weight loss/ management, cardiovascular health, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, digestive health, IBS, vitamin research, women's and men's health, oxidative stress, immune function, allergies, satiety dermatology, bioavailability and pre-disease indications. Dr. Evans has authored more than 35 peer-reviewed publications and over 75 protocols and clinical study reports to be presented to either Health Canada, FDA or EFSA for claims substantiation. Dr. Evans is a frequent speaker at conferences on clinical trial design and the need for a new paradigm identifying biomarkers for the dietary supplement industry.